Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alon meron works

The Aristocrats
– easy chairs are mongrels; part bean bag, part chesterfield sofa. Stuffed with polystyrene microbeads, they provide causal luxury. Materials: fabric, polystyrene microbeads.

Bastard Materials.
The series of bowls are made of mass produced porcelain. Patterns are cut and removed from the pieces and the missing matter is replaced with flexible rubber.

Porcelain and rubber stand for two opposite worlds. Porcelain is a ceramic material. It is 'earthy' by nature and represents thousands of years of skilled craft and tradition.

is a system that applies the structural principal of a skeleton to the domestic environment. Rather than regard our homes as exoskeletons; containers for our lives, I place the components on an articulated structure and the space creates itself around it. Materials: wood, steel, upholstery

Meet Alon Meron:after graduating from Bezalel academy of art and design Jerusalem, Israel (Industrial design dept) he recently got his MA from the fabulous Royal College of Art (Design product dept).
His design is fluent and surprising innovative. some describe it as an active design. i prefer " Cubisemץ
"My Simple philosophy for life says it should be lived in a manner that is active, inquisitive and conscious. My designs are messengers for this philosophy; they lend themselves to be pushed around and tempered with.
I am fascinated by how different parts work together in unexpected ways that are, none the less, perfectly valid. I believe in design that fulfils a function and at the same time possesses a new, unusual quality, something you can marvel at but also put to actual use.


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