Saturday, September 27, 2008

Phillipe Starck. school of design

Internationally renowned designer Philippe Starck is going to be heading up a specially created School of Design in Paris. And he needs students to populate it. For the fortunate few who make it to Paris they will face a grueling period of assessment over several months before one of them is offered a six-month placement with Philippe Starck.

From all the entries to this BBC website, the number of applicants will be whittled down to 25. Those twenty five will then pack their bags and head to Paris to meet the man himself.

Starck will give you your first assignment to assess your potential. The results will be judged and will serve as the basis for sending 15 applicants back to the UK.

The remaining 10 will begin their life as students living and working in Paris directly under Starck and his team over a period of several months. The 10 aspiring designers will be given a variety of assignments designed by Starck to challenge your vision, your talent, your ambition and your beliefs.

The assignments, kept as an absolute secret for now, will give you the fantastic opportunity to meet vanguards of 21st century design, experiment with concepts and materials and help create, for the best ones, your own prototype objects that may well be the next ‘must have’ products of this century.

It’s the chance of a lifetime to work with the world’s most respected designer and experience a brave new world of visionary ideas based solely on your imagination. In the end one of you will continue your studies under a master of perception and illusion – Phillipe Starck.

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