Sunday, August 31, 2008

LED glass brick

The decorative LED Glass Brick by Lei Yueh Enterprise Co., Ltd, is an excellent and innovative design.
The winner of the best of the best" in the red dot award 2008 surly got the honorable prize for the highest design quality,and pioneering design product.
LED Glass Brick not only provides the usually glass block impression, it displays dynamic visual effect which greatly enhance the decorative atmosphere of environment.
so... it is a good example for intelligent use of contemporary technology and concept (as Bruno Munary might describe as the "lightning moment"..) so why didn`t anyone thought of it before?...


In the German company LECHUZA they don`t leave all to nature.
ceck out this beutiful planterse: great mix of function design and contemporary style.


usb design Sam Hecth
i don`t know what about you, but i like the everyday design, especially when it comes to the gadget-computer world. it`s easier for me to understand them...
LaCie is the ultimate company for those who want their object to have great design and advanced technology in their web site toy can find everything from usb device to portable hard drive.all designed by the hotest dnames in the market such as Karim Rashid, Sam Hecht and Ora Ito.
7 USB ports for connecting up to 7 devices

LaCie Rugged Hard Disk 160GB

mobile hard drive design 60GB Karim Rashid

LaCie Golden Disk 500 GB design: Ora ITO

The DD101 concept watch

The DD101 concept watch interprets a watch not only as a time-telling device, but also as a fashion accessory and statement by the wearer.
It represents an innovative mixture of art and technology and it`s beautiful.
We can argue whether it`s comfi but i like the shape and design!like the golden boy most!
US$ 144.00 via

portable tea bottle

Travell boddy is a good solution for the tea lovers :It`s portable tea bottle!
Tzu-Yuan Shen
manufactor Piao I Enterprise Co

trend report: all in white

Tokujin Yoshioka for Kartell
Alberto Meda for Kartell
Konstantin Grcic for magis

Philippe Starck for cassina
François Azambourg for cappellini
Patrizia Urquiola for moroso

Karim Rashid for alessi

קראים ראשיד לאלסי האיטלקית

simple evryday colorful unisex watch by karim rashid for ALESSI

Saturday, August 30, 2008

pets house

I dont know what about you, my 2 cat`s like to sleep in strange places ....
so that why i`m exited about this functional and original pets house!
DenHaus designs little homes for pets with smart and sleek design.


lucy merchant mommy`s chair

Although they look like a child drawing they are 100% 3d !
The new collection by British designer Lucy Merchant(1974) called...Mommy`s chair, a series of hand-bent recycled steel chairs with white seats which she says, represents “the spontaneity of a rough sketch.”
The colors are also primary and it`s a beautiful concept and original design
(and i must add it remind me a bit of the maarten baas project clay furniture...)

Karim Rashid for gaia&gino

Creemy tea / coffee set is an expression for the British-Egyptian DNA mix of Karim Rashid:
"The British in me always loved tea. my Egyptian in me always loved coffee and i love both."
The collection is made of thin Chinese porcelain, was designed for heTurky company gaia&gino who always bring to us unique tableware with extraordinary design.
It also a winner for red dot award 2008 , IDEA silver

Friday, August 29, 2008

PhotonSynthesis solar device

This good looking bonsai tree is no other than a solar device designed by Vivien Muller.
Thanks to 54 tiny photovoltaic panels, you cab Recharge your cellphone and camera and be environmental friendlily at the same time.

Although the design reminds mi of the solar tree i posted before (by Ross lovegroov) this device is an everyday use and not only urban lightning.


Kawa collection by karim rashid

כארים ראשיד

Karim rashid designed for Italian manufacturer Cisal, the Kawa collection for bathroom.
The mega pink star designed minimalistic and artistic objects , inspired from the ocean world and surfing using as usual unique forms and colors.
i like the minimalist style of Rashid, that always provide a surprisingly forms and color.


The good chair design competition 2008

For "The good chair design competition" designers where asked to design their vision for an eco- chair.
The visionary chair characteristic was to create an environmental friendly object and most important focuses on form that minimize resources while maximizing comfort.

jittasak narknisorn

designed “Posi+ive Lounge Chair”:
The seat was designed on simple rectangular bent plywood with four plus shapes cut through. This design is minimize waste material and allowed the plywood to form curves and bend in more directions to create a nice shape with more ergonomic support.

jessica konawicz

designed pandanus`s :a unique, made of a single material,lounge chair, inspired by the leaves and fruit of the Pandanus Tree.
"By tracing over the fruit I found the most intriguing shapes. The challenge was to turn one shape into a form, which would be relaxing for a person to sit on.
My goals for the chair were derived from the idea of making it sustainable in multiple ways,from the cellulose based plastic material, which is renewable and biodegradable, to the low energy manufacturing process, and the ability for the chair to stack to optimize space for storage and transportation


Thursday, August 28, 2008

urban play:Amsterdam

save the date if you arround amsterdam :september 18 - november 2, 2008

urban paly exhibition

The event (initiated by droog design and curated by scott burnham) is all about experiment design or more like a cultural biennale


Beach Thingy

The Beach Thingy is a surprising beach chair . The design is what you can identefy as "thinking out of the box".
is you are wondering where is the seat- look again .well its a simpleback support, for your sitting pleasure!

combines functionality, flexibility and aestheticsa .