Saturday, July 12, 2008

Flexibility :design in a fast changing society

flexibility' - design in a fast changing society, Torino, june 29 - october12
consists of nine projects by international designers installed at a former prison ex carceri 'le nuove'.
ross lovegrove, patricia urquiola, sigi moeslinger and masamichi udagawa of the studio antenna design,bertjan pot, clemens weisshaar and reed kram, ana mir and emili padrós of emiliana, fernando brízio, giulio iacchetti, were invited to create pieces in response to theme of 'flexibility' and the ability to rapidly adapt oneself to today's fast-changing society

jailbreak (vendôme series) by kram/weisshaar
vendôme is body of work takes a precondition of endless transformation as its point of departure. the idea is to parametrically generate a family of objects with different typologies including stools, pedestals and tables of different heights'. for their installation 'jailbreak' kram/weisshaar built a tower using a number of pieces from the vendôme series which reached towards one of the prisons skylights

instant rooms by matali crasset
'the Instant rooms are non-permanent spaces which deploy themselves for the time of an activity. these spaces inject whim and fantasy into daily life. thrusts of imagination appear as simple as the act of opening a door at your own home, just like alice passing through the mirror.' MC

'chasen' by patricia urquiola (in collaboration with flos and kartell)
'in my opinion flexibility is a work method, a personal philosophy, an attitude, a bent. it means an association of ideas and analogies that leads to something else, through a linear, logical and rational procedure or by an instinctive and intuitive process, with time or space leaps. I observe, I assimilate, I transform'.
'the starting point of 'chasen', the illuminating device designed for flos, was a small object: a whisk to stir tea thatcomes from the japanese tradition. it is made through a multiphase handmade technique of cutting and folding bamboo. a symbol of an action that transforms itself into another function, passing through formal analogies.
the material flexibility gives the possibility of modulating the shape and the diffusion of light'

mirror-blind by bertjan pot
a flexible space by means of a wall of venetian blinds made of mirrors that slowly turn and modify
the perspective...

'things don’t have to be made out of rubber to create the illusion of flexibility. the mirror-blind installation makes a flexible space just by adding one wall of mirror blinds. while the mirrors are slowly revolving the space in front mixes, twists and warps with the space behind the viewer.' BP

domestic sandbags by antenna design new york (masamichi udagawa & sigi moeslinger)
'the installation 'spectre' is inspired by a ubiquitous improvisational 'building block': the sandbag. the sandbag is
a pervasive object used in various situations of emergency and temporary set-up, such as battlefields, floods,
earthquakes and other disaster scenes. we are giving the sandbag a new 'skin' and context, which transforms
the way it is perceived allowing it to enter a different realm of existence.' ANTENNA

renewable clothing by fernando brízio
by placing colored felt-tip pens in the pockets of the dress its appearance changes over time.
within an hour - to one and a half hours the colored ink bleeds into the fabric and creates a one-off design for each occasion. the owner can then clean the dress and color it in a different way for each time they wear it

the location ex carceri 'le nuove' (former prison), turin, italy
the a former prison provides an example of how a structure can radically modify its destined use, from a place of closure by antonomasia to the expression of aperture towards citizens, tourists, the world in general

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