Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mr. Hyde Sofa

SPD (Scuola Politecnica di Design) students(in consultation with Serralunga and Deep Design): Pablo Crespo (Spain, 26), Martin Franzen (Sweden, 26) and Isaac Pineiro (Spain, 31) investigate in the function of furniture design. Mr. Hyde is a concept sofa designed for the salone del mobile 2008, an object to tell a different story.

The design story is all about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde myth: reinvented into a versatile-contemporary furniture, the object is result of the combination of a smarter use of light, materials, patterns and to a playful approach, connecting past and future and masters of the history.

so, what's so interesting ?
By day, the sofa has the face of an ordinary good looking art deco style sofa.but when the sun is down, it's reveal the fine texture or better say a photo-sensitive detailing on the upholstery that comes alive.

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HAGITART said...

Thank you Dear Mili
for the idea and for your efforts to update us on the new design ideas all around us,
Hagit Baldar