Monday, July 21, 2008

Todd Bracher: 'Best New Designer' ICFF 2008

Flora Vases

Product designe, Todd Bracher Wins 'Best New Designer' ICFF 2008 with his Prototype called BOOM-
a collection of occasional tables designed to bring impact to a space. Functional surfaces provide useful surface while the open center provides maximum visual impact and the ability to nest.

TOD Table

The young designer (1974) was born in New York, but moved to Copenhagen at the age of 24for studying. After his stay in Copenhagen he moved to Paris, Milan and London.He has recently relocated to his home town of New York
Famous for his thought-provoking designs, Bracher’s work stimulates a dialogue with it’s consumer and allows the creator to express himself in palpable ways.

Libri Lounge

The BOOM Table

”All design is about the delicate balance between over-designing and under-designing the object.""

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