Friday, August 1, 2008

byAMT and Jan Habraken exhibition

"it's a mixture of mass-market and couture that characterizes my design"- those are the words from dutch-NY based industrial designer Jan Habraken.
Habarken i another good example that if you think of becoming a designer, you should relocate to Eindhoven (design academy).you can see the ooo lamo i recently noted in the blog.
Now i found out there is an exhibition in Texas. it is quit far from tel Aviv, so, if by any chance you arrive to Texas you should drop by the Peel Gallery in Houston:
Jan and his wife Alissia Melka-Teichroew from BY:AMT Design Studio had recently were celebrating the opening of their exhibition(until August 29)
Peel Gallery
Peel Gallery

About the designer:
After a collaboration with his school partner Marteen Baptist in the successful WATdesign, the new star from the dutch scene, has recently relocated to NY opened his own studio.(in 2007)
His work is clean, functional with a simple geometry with socially conscious viewpoint.
His work has also reputation for quality, practicality and precision-all to be exepted from Dtch designer (he actually graduated in architecture)


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