Friday, August 29, 2008

The good chair design competition 2008

For "The good chair design competition" designers where asked to design their vision for an eco- chair.
The visionary chair characteristic was to create an environmental friendly object and most important focuses on form that minimize resources while maximizing comfort.

jittasak narknisorn

designed “Posi+ive Lounge Chair”:
The seat was designed on simple rectangular bent plywood with four plus shapes cut through. This design is minimize waste material and allowed the plywood to form curves and bend in more directions to create a nice shape with more ergonomic support.

jessica konawicz

designed pandanus`s :a unique, made of a single material,lounge chair, inspired by the leaves and fruit of the Pandanus Tree.
"By tracing over the fruit I found the most intriguing shapes. The challenge was to turn one shape into a form, which would be relaxing for a person to sit on.
My goals for the chair were derived from the idea of making it sustainable in multiple ways,from the cellulose based plastic material, which is renewable and biodegradable, to the low energy manufacturing process, and the ability for the chair to stack to optimize space for storage and transportation


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