Saturday, August 2, 2008

max lamb

Copper Stool
Rod Shelf:so simple so beautiful

Rusty Sheet Steel Chair
Hexagonal Pewter Stool
Ratchet Bookshelf.( remind Tejo Remy`s a bit..)
Poly Chair, 2006
Poly Chairs and Poly Tables

Max Lamb is a London based (born in Cornwall 1980) young designer with a unique way of observation and working.As he grew up near the sea and sand he is close in thinking and creating to nature.His work is recognized by outdoor activity and meteor creativity.And when i mentioned creativity this guy is amazing.
what is really interesting is explore his method of creating the object cause when it comes to lamb there is a lot to learn about as a designer way of proceeding and as an ordinary observer that has a "green heart".
Lamb is motivated by the desire to explore and re-contextualise both traditionale unconventional materials, exploiting their inherent qualities, and to consider / reconsider the function of all products and objects.

"I aim to design products that are fun, inspired and inspiring, and stimulate positive interaction
between product and user. Interaction develops product meaning and meaning
improves product longevity. I try to design products that possess a visual
simplicity capable of communicating the obvious."
after graduating with master degree in the glamorous Royal College of Art (he also graduated from Northumbria University in 2003 with a 1st class Degree in Three Dimensional Design)
he won several prizes such as
the shelf design ‘Bookend’ won the International Design Award 2003 sponsored by Hettich, and in conjunction with ‘Mr.Stools’, and the Peter Walker Award for Innovation in Furniture Design at New Designers 2003.
He traveled to China, India and Nigeria to explore disappearing local skills for his interest to preserve them with high tech process.

well, i really like this guy. The use of natural -simple materials and method of work , the process and the imperfection: all of it makes his work a visual and fan impact. and maby it is just the fact thats it is so simple and so genius.
check out his web site

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