Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jaimi Hayon

Hayon and camper: perfect match between luxury elegance and passion

above:camper shoes designed by Hayon
Red - Camper Shop Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona

chicken rocking chair
" I wanted to portray this common bird as a sensational object by amplifying its characteristics and dimensions, turning it into a modern piece, one of great beauty and utility: a rocking chair"
bathroom collection for Artquitect
The celebration of the bathroom as a piece of furniture.

i usually don`t get exited by the bathroom world but the minimal organic shape and color make it so vivid!

Showtime collection for the Spanish company BDbarcelona
BD Ediciones de Diseño.

the collection was launched in April 2007 and includes large tables and coffee tables as well as the elegant new chair that comes is a series of different finishes. i like the material fusion and the marble use.

The Fantasy collection designed for Lladr( Hyon is also the creative manager for this porcelain company), a perfectbalance between expression and function a perfect fusion between the playful, fantasy quality of hayun and the Spanish porcelain brand
Swarovski cabinet and chandelier:This new form of chandelier is a series of lampshades and not a structure allowing many possible variations and changes

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