Saturday, August 16, 2008

kiki van eijk

The most important thing i added to my israeli DNA, during studying in Milano, is the respect for tradition . "no future with ought a past' is the slogan heard again and again.
so, it`s quit obvious that i admire all about craft-handmade-ready-made design.
i think it`s all about making it personal, a soul design if you like.when i look at an ojbect, i wanna feel the designer touch. so, you can imagine why i like kiki van eijk work.Milan 08 Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk presented reCollections
kiki was graduated from the designer factory DAE in 2000(Design Acadamy Eindhoven) belongs to the new generation of dutch designers.She share a studio with Joost van Bleiwijk (also a design star , graduated from DAE-They work together but run their own company`s)
her work is inspired from traditional object's with a modern translation of the artist.
"i respect old iconography and quality which i reshape with a strong personal touch"
Her work is recognized by the balance of a playful multiple layers of concept, materials,technique and structure.
hand-made glass lampshades at Eat Drink Design
a cabinet with different materials and colors: all elements are handmade

quality time collectionby kiki and joost

'Stamped and Sealed Jewels' and green vase
The green vase is inspired on medieval glass bottles with its handmade seals. The green comes from the colors that was used for glasswork in these times


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