Thursday, August 21, 2008

ron arad 'big easy chair' at abitare il tempo event

ron arad's big easy chair designed for moroso, is the symbol chosen fore event "abitare il tempo" furniture fair ( september 18 to 22nd, verona) .
the big easy chair series was designed 20 years ago and
has been continually modified through colors, surfaces and materials over timeThe first Big Easy : A polished and patinated steel version of Ron Arad's Big Easy chair from 1988,limited edition
It was hollow welded in patinated black or stainless steel with polished off welds and was available in a 2-seater version as wel
Early Big Easy Volume 2 for 2 Sofa 1989 :sold for $159,000)

the big easy armchair:outdoor version made of plastic

In 1999, Ron Arad Associates hand made 18 special edition fibreglass and polyester versions of The Big Easy for the Gallery Mourmans

Abitare Il Tempo The Big Easy, 2008


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Andreia said...

Abitare il Tempo exposition it's an amazing event to get close to news of interiors design. In this chic exposition you can find very good design and the latest products of the market. They are all beautiful and high quality.
Don't miss as well the exhibitions "100% Design" and “Index”, where Boca do Lobo will be present, a brand, that i'm a fan. It's a brand that fuses old world handcrafting with modern age aesthetics to produce artistic pieces of furniture. Wherever you put Boca Do Lobo's pieces, they should elevate the room’s decor.
This is a brand that you must see, visit and get in love for them awesome pieces.
When art becomes furniture pieces, your room acquires an evermore inspiring atmosphere.