Friday, August 8, 2008

Eco vision :siemens

The leaf phone
environmental-eco design is a subject i always like to discuss, and introducing the green thinking into the world of phones which become a great necessity in our everyday life(and sometimes unfortunate..).

Simens is taking the `green way` , introducing the leaf ans solar, that not are they eco friendly-
they also good looking:
the leaf has a naturalistic look and design inspired from... spring leaf.
The solar has a beutiful high- tech design, that don`t look like any other eco gadget.( not like other eco object that look like they where forced to `dress` a green look)

The solar mobile phone
These eco phone will have OLED display for lower power consumption. They will be made of recyclable raw materials, such as eco-plastic and liquid wood. Solar energy will be their power source.

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