Sunday, August 3, 2008

Compasso d’oro

"Compasso d’Oro" a snapshot of the winners
Nido, concept car, Pininfarina
2seater small scale veichle car: safty and urban mobility
Big, library by i Marc Sadler x Caimi Brevetti
Modular shelving system inspired by architectural components, with T-shaped aluminium posts, perforated track, and sheet steel shelving in a patented shape

Stand Horm,by Toyo Ito per Horm
Trioli, , by Eero Aarnio, for Magis
from “Me-Too” collection designed especially for children, a multifunctional chair-cum-toy MT3, by Ron Arad Associates for Driade

"Compasso d’Oro" is one of the important Industrial Design awards ,aimes to acknowlege and promot the product quality for technology, function and estetic aspects.
it`s origin is in 1954 in Italy when La Rinascente company with Gio Ponti and Alberto Rosseli, thought of a particulare prize to stimulate Italian Design and industrial design quality.
from 1964 it `s awarded by ADI (associazione for I.D).
The jury this year was composed by:
Mario Bellini (Presidente), Chew Moh-Jin, Lieven Daenens, Carla Di Francesco, Carlo Forcolini, Norbert Linke, Emanuele Pirella, Richard R. Whitaker.
(and this pize is for the years 2005-06-07 as it is evry 3 years)

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